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5 - A Tej Kolhi  Ruit Foundation volunteer adminsisters eye drops before a patient is scre

May 12, 2022

Changing Lives — How One Surgery Can Change a Nation 

Across the world, many developing countries such as Nepal have a population of people who struggle to access...

2 - Dr Sandul Ruit with some of the patients that he has cured of blindness.jpg

December 16, 2021

Meet Dr Sanduk Ruit, the Barefoot Surgeon who’s cured 130,000 of blindness

As the recipient of Asia’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize for healing the sight of hundreds of thousands...


January 27, 2021

Tej Kohli: Profile Of A $100m AI Investor

Tej Kohli is an artificial intelligence and robotics investor who has committed $100m of funds into Rewired. Tej Kohli first rose to prominence in 2006 after...


February 21, 2020

Tej Kohli Foundation Seeks to Incubate New Projects That Can Eliminate Corneal Blindness

Will establish a new incubator to back scientific projects and commercial ventures that are targeting new solutions...


December 19, 2019

5,736 of the World’s Poorest People Received the Gift of Sight in 2019

The Tej Kohli Cornea Institute welcomed 56,083 outpatients in 2019 and completed 11,744 surgical procedures...

XP Impact Initiative Tej Kohli.jpg

September, 2019

Joe Wallen discovers how corneal transplants are bringing hope to those living in the shadows. 

Blindness is endemic among those with XP as the cornea becomes increasingly damaged with exposure to the sun...

5 - A Tej Kolhi  Ruit Foundation volunteer adminsisters eye drops before a patient is scre

December 16, 2021

We have to cure blindness if we want to reduce extreme poverty

The United Nations’ number-one goal is to eradicate extreme poverty globally...

1 - Tej Kohli - Main Image - Tej Kohli And Ruit Foundation.jpg

December 16, 2021

Meet Tej Kohli, a man on a mission to heal the world’s blind

The entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist Tej Kohli has teamed up with the ‘God of Sight’ Dr Sanduk Ruit...

Tej Kohli Cornea Institute Patient.jpg

April 22, 2020

UK science is boosted by the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute by a series of grants to support UK innovation

The Institute is building on its track record for funding research in the USA and making direct treatment interventions in India...


January 17, 2020

Tej Kohli Foundation Moves One Step Closer to the Regeneration of Corneal Tissue

Project aims to bridge the gap between the high cost of treatment for corneal blindness and the unmet medical need...

Corneal Repair at Tej Kohli Cornea Insti

December 9, 2019

FT Health Special Report: Gene therapy offers new vision to battle blindness

A project funded by the Tej Kohli Foundation is working on a liquid form that sets as a gel at body temperature and can be modified...


October 10, 2019

Tej Kohli Foundation advocates a scalable and affordable solution to end corneal blindness

Says game-changing biotech solutions are needed to accelerate a global mission to eradicate corneal blindness...

1 - Tej Kohli - Main Image - Tej Kohli And Ruit Foundation.jpg

December 16, 2021

How the Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation will cure 500,000 of blindness by 2026

With a mission to cure blindness by direct intervention, Tej Kohli and Dr Sanduk Ruit’s Foundation...

Tej Kohli and Kofi Annan 3 (2).jpg

March 10, 2021

Learning Lessons With Tej Kohli

The tech tycoon’s legacy is built on hard work, determination, and some savvy investments...


March 3, 2020

Tej Kohli Foundation Turns to Social Impact Entertainment to Raise Awareness of Blindness

Short film 'Father Will I See Again?" highlights the pervasive impact of poverty blindness on younger people in India...


December 27, 2019

Tej Kohli Foundation Announces $14 Million to End Poverty Blindness

The London-based Tej Kohli Foundation has announced a $14 million commitment to the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute...


September 5, 2019

Massachusetts Eye and Ear in Boston Receives $2 Million for Corneal Research

The Tej Kohli Foundation has pledged $2 million to accelerate innovative and collaborative research into corneal disease...