Visual impairment is a public health problem of global proportions.  More than 285,000,000 people worldwide have some form of visual impairment.  39,000,000 of them are blind.  90% of those affected by blindness and severe visual impairment live in the poorest countries in the world.  14,000,000 live in India alone. 


Yet a good proportion of worldwide blindness, including 75% of corneal disease, is curable.


The problem is that current tools for the prevention, treatment and cure of severe visual impairment and corneal blindness cannot be adequately deployed and applied in the poorest countries where blindness is the most pervasive. 


Because of this, literally millions of people worldwide are living with blindness or severe visual impairment that is entirely curable.  Poverty blindness arises because current solutions are not accessible or affordable and cannot be easily scaled to reach all of those who are in need.


The Tej Kohli Cornea Institute is funding and supporting the development of solutions to blindness that will be accessible, affordable and scalable. 


Our mission is a world where nobody is blind because they cannot afford or access treatment.

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