Patient Stories

One Free Treatment To End Years Of Blindness

Meera's family work to eat, so when Meera went blind they could not afford the operation needed to restore her vision. She remained blind for five years despite her condition being curable. After contacting the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute at LV Prasad she received free treatment and operations and her vision and confidence immediately improved. Now her children are happy that their mother is well again.

Getting Back To Work After Treatment For Corneal Scars

Doraswamy in a tailor from Nellore District in India. Tailoring requires precise vision, so when Doraswamy's vision started to go blurred and he developed corneal scarring, he could no longer thread his tailors needle and was unable to work to support his wife and two children. He could not afford to travel to Hyderabad so he received treatment at a secondary centre of the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute at LV Prasad. Now that his vision is improving Doraswamy hopes to gradually return to tailoring again.

Restoring The Vision Of an Acid Attack Victim

Manchester United fan Rahul was the victim of an acid attack in 2013 and lost his vision. He felt completely hopeless and could not believe what had happened to him. His mother worried how he might take of himself when she is no longer around. Rahul even contemplated suicide. Thankfully he received an operation and also counselling at the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute at LV Prasad, and his situation is now improving.

Treatments To Help Poor People Regain Independence

Narashimhulu developed persistent eye problems and eventually lost his vision. He cold not go out to work and was forced to stay at home and became dependent on others for even small tasks. After receiving a completely free corneal transplant at the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute at LV Prasad his vision is slowly improving, and Narashimhulu has been able to regain his independence. He is optimistic about his future.

Treating Those Too Poor To Travel For Treatment

Rama has a wife and two children. He worked as a labourer earning US $1.50 per hour, but for two years his poor vision left him unable to work and his wife had to work to support their family. Rama was bullied because of his poor eyesight, which was caused by a degeneration of his corneas. He was given a free procedure by the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute at LV Prasad and his vision immediately improved. Rama was unable to afford to travel to the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute in Hyderabad, so like many patients he was treated at a secondary centre. Rama now hopes to return to working again.

Treatment For Young People From All Over The World

10-year-old Shukri was unable to find treatment for his visual impairment in Yemen so his father brought him to the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute in Hyderabad for treatment. After receiving the treatment that he needed Shukri is now feeling optimistic about his future

Free Corneal Transplants For Those Who Can't Afford It

Balloon seller Shesharao lost both of his eyes after a gas canister blew up in 2015. He became reliant on his wife who earns less than US $10 a week and he even attempted suicide. After being admitted to different hospitals and unsuccessful operations, Sheshrao discovered the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute and received a successful surgery. The surgery restored partial vision, which has had a huge impact on his life.

Curing a Future Civil Engineer of Corneal Disease

Teenager Shivar got excellent grades and now hopes to become a Civil Engineer after receiving a corneal transplant at the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute. Previously he had been unable to study due to problems with his vision. His father worked hard and did odd jobs to afford the expense of taking Shivar to see doctors at different hospitals in the hope of obtaining a diagnosis and treatment. eventually they found the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute at LV Prasad in Hyderabad, where Shivar was diagnosed with Herpetic corneal disease. He received a corneal transplant and gained significant visual improvement. With his vision restored, Shivar's confidence grew. He studied hard and got good grades at school and now hopes to become a Civil Engineer.

Stem Cell Therapy & Corneal Transplantation

Bhajrang sustained a severe chemical injury to both of his eyes whilst working in a factory. He received stem cell therapy and corneal transplantation at the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute, ad ha snow recovered well. His vision is so good that he has been able to return to work, and is looking forward to being able to support his three daughters.

Life Changing Brittle Cornea Syndrome Treatment

Keerthana and her mother received free treatment at the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute. They first came to the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute at the LV Prasad Hospital when Keerthana was just six years old. She has a syndrome called Brittle Cornea Syndrome which means that every small action could damage her eyes. Her right eye was too damaged for treatment, but a strengthening procedure was carried out on her left eye, where a new cornea was put in on top of her existing cornea. Two years later, she can see almost as well as anyone else can even without wearing glasses.

Providing Free Treatment For Those Who Need It Most

Lakshmamma believed that she had damaged her eyes in the fields brushing against a thorn or some leaves. Her nephew encouraged her to attend the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute where a serious infection of her eyes was discovered. A corneal transplant would not be a successful solution, so she was given anti fungal injections, and now the infection has gone.

Preserving Vision To Prevent Blindness

Joseph lost vision in his left eye more than twenty years ago. Since then he has been working with Tej Kohli Cornea Institute partner LV Prasad to preserve the vision in his remaining eye.

Halting Visual Impairment Using Collagen Cross Linking

Shanmukhapriya was six years when she first attended the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute with vision problems. When she was nine years old she received a collagen cross linking procedure to stabilise her cornea and stop it from getting worse. Then when she was ten years old she received a corneal transplant in her right eye. Her sight has improved a lot and after her transplant she will grow into a normal teenager with normal vision

Curing An Entire Family Of Visual Impairment

A story about changing the lives of seven brothers and sisters who were each living with the same visual impairment until they received corneal transplants from the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute at LV Prasad

The Story of Amit

Among the lives that TKCI has transformed for the better is Amit, whose sight was restored after fifteen years. Watch Amit’s story below.